Project Call “CALL4Europe” - Crowdfunding for Europe

In the year 2015, the Austrian not-for-profit association organizes a call for projects entitled “CALL4Europe” and invites interested European project initiators which work on current and future challenges of Europe to make use of crowdfunding opportunities on the platform

As additional incentive offers EUR 100,000 as “doubling donation” to a selection out of all submitted projects. The projects awarded with the “doubling donation” will be selected by a high-level jury. The “doubling donation” amounts up to 50% of the respective target budget. The project initiators have to collect the remaining 50% with means of crowdfunding at in order to reach the full funding of their projects.

Non-awarded projects can generate the required target budget with the help of the usual crowdfunding at and are thus still participating in the “CALL4Europe” receiving particular visibility together with the other projects of the project call.

“CALL4Europe” for the future of Europe

Europe arrived at the cross-roads of economic welfare and global competitiveness. Major member countries of the EU are not able to handle the problem of youth unemployment in an effective or acceptable way. In some countries unemployment rates arrive at 30 to 50% among youngsters up to 25 years. A generation might be lost if no better solutions are put into place. On the one hand is Europe described as the sick patient and on the other hand hundreds of thousands of people want to migrate to the European Union. Europe has been offering a very attractive model of peaceful development for many years. Nevertheless, Europe is not finding a common strategy to benefit from the new reality as immigration continent in a constructive way. Social welfare systems will not sustain without immigration. Europe is growing older and older. Young people come from overseas conflict areas. How to deal with non-democratic states in politics but also on the world markets?

Europe is lacking political and economic coordination. Only 1% of the economic performance is being distributed via the EU budget, a large amount of which is used exclusively for agriculture. National states dominate the European Union even after 50 years of the European integration. A resurgence of nationalist trends and parties is threatening growth and development in Europe, as important community achievements of the EU are being prevented. Why is the US leading in IT and internet technologies? Apple, Google, Facebook and so on dominate innovative businesses. A new machine age is expected to have begun already. Is Europe able to foster more innovation aside the cosiness of social welfare subsidies, if nationalist movements are hindering or even preventing European cooperation? Question upon question. 


Target group and purpose of the projects

Young people and adults, loose groups as well as associations and clubs are invited to work out ideas how to better handle the European challenges in politics, economy and society. The “CALL4Europe” should bring the issue to a broader public in Austria and neighbouring countries.

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Send an E-mail to call4europe(at) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.