Crowdfunding for Europe

What is crowdfunding actually and is it the right thing for me?

Crowdfunding offers new opportunities for the funding of ambitious initiatives, but one also has to know how to use it. Crowdfunding is no public cash machine where you just get in line and wait for the disbursement. Crowdfunding is also not a virtual funding agency where you submit your project and then wait and see what will happen. 

Successful crowdfunding is the successful mobilization of a crowd.

Let’s begin with the important questions:  

  • Do I have a network which I can motivate?
  • Is this topic also interesting for people other than my closest friends?
  • Am I already active on social media and have built up an online community for my cause?
  • Am I excited to share small victories with others and to challenge them to share the joy with others?
  • Am I ready to invest a lot of time for several weeks into the start of a crowdfunding campaign? 

Important: You need to be aware that crowdfunding takes time. You have to communicate throughout the whole crowdfunding-phase and try to target your message through every possible channel. 

How to submit a project on

To submit a project on you first have to register. After the registration you can submit the project here

Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to submit your project.

<media 2301 _blank>Here you can find a guide for the proper design of your project (.doc)</media>

How to prepare a crowdfunding campaign?

Never start a crowdfunding campaign without preparation! 

Prepare a detailed communication plan for the entire crowdfunding time. Consider all relevant stakeholders, which help you during the financing of the project and think about appropriate measures.

Learn how to draw up a plan for your crowdfunding campaign.

Here you can find the best tips and ideas for successful crowdfunding.

Now you can start!

When the project is successfully submitted to and your communication plan is ready, you can start the crowdfunding campaign.

Good luck!