Possible Project Topics of the CALL4Europe

The CALL4Europe is looking for projects which deal with the following issues:

  • How to meet the challenges of globalisation in Europe?
    In the sense of the call these challenges are for example the global competition and new sets of rules such as TTIP, the widening of the gap between poor and rich, the high youth unemployment and youth opportunities in general, the financing of social welfare systems, acts of war and refugee flows, poverty migration, threat of terrorism and restrictions on fundamental rights as well as European policy of peace.

  • How to meet the challenges of an aging society in Europe?
    Projects, which deal with the theory of overageing, with immigration policy, with the financing of social welfare and in particular pension systems or with new forms of living together for the generations, correspond to this topic.

  • How to improve government functioning in Europe and in the EU?
    In this area we expect projects about, for instance, civil society engagement, about more transparency and political participation, about improved political information of citizens, about the further development of EU institutions or about the defence of fundamental democratic rights in Europe.

  • How to educate the public about the shaping of political and economic relations with competitors like China, Russia or Arab countries without giving up European values?
    This issue involves, for instance, the relations of Europe with less or non-democratic countries in the global competition, the identification of the so called „European values“, and projects which deal with international dialogue or with universal human rights.

  • How to foster more innovation in Europe to become a front-runner in modern technology?
    This includes projects, which deal, for instance, with the character of innovation, with innovation policy, with prerequisites for innovation, with the dissemination of innovation or with international comparisons of framework conditions for innovation and new technologies.